Goth Dad and Twin Powers

Are available to dj clubs, parties, cat birthdays, funerals, etc. Email us an offer and we will try to make it work


What we need to come rock your party

We don't need a lot, just a PA and a Microphone. We only require 2 x 1/4" inputs and one power outlet, plus a whole lotta room to jump around! It would be great if your PA has a subwoofer, but we can live without it if you can. The whole event is a big party and lots of fun. We don't just show up and push buttons. We do need to cover our travel and we can drive if you are in the Southeast. Make us an offer and we will try to make it work.

Goth Dad and Twin Powers play classic Goth hits and some scary surprises. You never know what you will get but it is always a good time! Goth Dad also floats around the room for photo ops and autographs. Twin Powers (Dan from VV) will also sign your stuff if you want. Don't be sad if we can't make it to your party. We are usually on tour so we just do this inbetween Vision Video Shows.